Sustainable Asset Valuation (SAVi), a collaboration
of IISD and KE

Integrated cost benefit analysis for built and natural infrastructure. We estimate the societal costs, as well as the contribution to sustainable development, generated by infrastructure.

Wetlands, Senegal

Power generation, Germany

Wetlands, Sardinia

Wastewater, Sri Lanka

Power generation, Senegal

Power generation, Albania

Transport, Senegal

Wetlands, Canada

Roads, Morocco

Wastewater, India

Transport, India

Wind power, Netherlands

Agriculture, Tanzania

Water infrastructure


Energy Infrastructure

Materials Management


Ecosystem service valuation

Sustainable recovery, Canada

Sustainable Recovery Borneo

Sustainable Recovery Ghana - Biogas

Sustainable Recovery Ghana - Crop Management

Sustainable Recovery Ghana - Irrigation

Sustainable Recovery Ghana - Sustainable Communities

Sustainable Recovery Ghana - Solar Power

Intregration Climate Data - Buildings

Intregration Climate Data - Energy

Intregration Climate Data - Irrigation

Intregration Climate Data - Model

Intregration Climate Data - Nature-Based Infrastructure

Intregration Climate Data - Roads

Intregration Climate Data - Wastewater


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